Paintless dent removal

History of paintless dent removal

The first appearance of the method of paintless dent removal takes place in the 40s on the assembly lines of major European manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes Benz.  

Internally, Motor vehicle trailing intervened to correct the imperfections of the sheet on new vehicles.  

From there, the technique of paintless dent removal became a must in the automotive manufacturing process.

PDR technic

Known to all professionals in the automotive sphere, this process will remove the damage on vehicle bodies (hail impact, suddenly door, cart ...).

The automotive repairer rectifies the small plate by little, without damaging the paint, giving small pulses to the back of the bump. The original paint is preserved and therefore in accordance with manufacturers standards.

 This method is less expensive and faster than traditional bodywork and is also more environmentally friendly:
  •  Up to 20 to 40% cheaper,
  •  Capital only a few hours,
  •  No use of chemicals (mastic, solvent, etc.)
  •  No difference in hue.